Agang Bokamoso


The Children’s Act 38 of 2005 defines a “child” as any person below the ages of 18 years. Of the 53 million estimated populace in South Africa, children constitute 18.6 million (35%) thereof; these are the most fragile and vulnerable members of our society and still so much hope and potential is inherently imbedded in them.


Effort needs to be made to protect and safeguard their innocence and ensure that we make the most of this potential. Agang Bokamoso will contribute towards the promotion (advocacy), realization (governance) and protection of children’s rights by setting up an advice center that will:


  • See to the promotion, realization and protection of children’s rights,

  • Develop, train and strengthen capacity to implement the principles and the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of the child and of the Childs Act 38 of 2005,

  • Raise and promote awareness on the principles and provisions of the CRC with teachers, parents, SGB, crèches and all concerned constituents,

  • Develop a training programme or intervention for teachers, parents, social workers, child minders and everyone working in a child environment to acquaint them with the SA Child Rights Act, UN Convention on the rights of a child and all other legislature focused on children,

  • Share information, educate and create an atmosphere where children (their parents, caregivers etc.) can participate, safely exist, develop and grow.

  • Establish a Civil group/child rights committee/ support groups or focus groups that will criticise and support child inclusion on all spheres of government.

  • We will speak out on behalf of children whose rights are neglected and/or violated and speak to children who have neglected/abuse their rights and responsibilities.


An uncompromised investment in children has potential to change the trajectory of our families, communities and ultimately country for the better.


We provide play, sports and recreation as tools to remove our beneficiaries off the streets and thus ensure that they are constructively engaged and stimulated, we believe that it is due to a lack of “options”/“alternatives” that our children opt for or are likely to engage in destructive activities like crime, violence, alcohol, drug and sex abuse to pass time.


Benefits of play include (but not limited to):

  • Social integration and cohesion and social skills development

  • Helps build imagination and creativity

  • Character, confidence and esteem  building

  • Release of energy and aids in physical development


We believe like Stuart Brown that “we (children) are built to play and built through play” and it is the availability of infrastructure and resources (i.e. walk-in recreation center’s) that will encourage, yield positive socialization and ultimately influence for a change in behavior.


Our people are still imprisoned by the injustices created by the past”? The past robbed many of the “self”, of their identity; it meddled with the ego where self-love, respect and understanding are founded and rooted. Agang Bokamoso believes that self-understanding, loving and respecting individuals are better equipped to handle the pressures life affords thus we provide an empowering life skills program (information and activities) that advocates for self-love, respect and understanding as primary above all things as well as the importance to "strategically position" oneself in a society of poverty, inequality, unemployment and rapid globalization


Education has been coined by the late Nelson Mandela as a powerful weapon that can change the world; it is with this truth in mind that we provide information, activities, assistance and support in support of this truth. Education also allows for upward social mobility, something our communities are in dire need of.