Agang Bokamoso is a registered non-profitable public benefiting organisation registration number: 080-901-NPO.


We exist as a result of the kind of society we live in; a society that is ridden by poverty, inequality; unemployment coupled with the subsequent moral and family decay thus the social ills.


Years into our democracy the legacies of our past still persist with only a minority escaping these injustices as parents preoccupied with making ends meet pass on their tendencies and way of thinking to their children and so the cycle continues, the dire need to survive in a society of poverty, inequality and unemployment does not make progression from here any easier.


The most unfortunate thing is that our children, our supposed future is lost in the midst of all this; children are expected to grow and thrive in such a society. Measures in place speak to the effects vs. the causes of these ills, this we can attribute to our past, yes; that is warranted however we need to move beyond having to blame the past and instead learn from it.


There is a need to focus on preventative measures vs. curative ones that merely scratch the surface AND Agang Bokamoso wishes to through the projects and programs we provide positively impact the livelihoods of these children, the youth, our communities and their subsequent future.


             A stern commitment and investment in children can help change the societal and country narrative for the better. A country’s vision (and attainment thereof) can literally be formulated on the backdrop of a consistent and un-compromised investment in children.



To positively redirect energy by providing play as an outlet (an alternative) to children opting for (exposed to) drug; sex and alcohol abuse, crime and violence to pass time.



To see the emergence of self-understanding, loving and respecting individuals

   1. inspired to dream and pursue the


   2. equipped to make decisions outside of 

       peer and societal pressures,

   3. empowered to interact positively with

       all of life.



  1. Excellence

  2. Integrity

  3. Consistency



  1. Access

  2. Experience and Exposure

  3. Options - Variety

  4. Perspective